Monday, August 5, 2013

Drama Update

Believe it or not, it's been relatively quiet since my daughter's run-in (run-over?) with the ex boyfriend. Her ankle is slowly but surely mending. She just got her second cast put on. Initially, she had a temporary cast of some sort, but that was designed as a short-term splint. After a couple of days her swelling decreased enough for her to get a real cast. That was fine until she decided that she needed to take a shower. Despite wrapping her leg and cast in saran wrap, the cast got wet, which ruined it, so she got another one put on today. Her wrist must be doing well, because she's never complaining about that. In fact, she's spending more time complaining about her good foot being sore from hopping around on it all the time. (Remember, she can't use crutches because of the broken wrist.) I think she has a minor sprain in the good foot.

Her ex has managed to stay in the spotlight though. A week after running over my daughter, he got another domestic assault charge run against him. Since he's staying with his parents, the logical victim would be his mother, father or younger sister, but I haven't yet found out for certain. Either way, when there's a domestic assault, a no-contact order is automatically filed. The victim has asked to have the no-contact order lifted. Somebody's a slow learner. Oh yeah... he also had a bench warrant issued for his arrest. I haven't figured things out with 100% certainty, but here's what I surmise... He was released on bail a while back for a First Degree Theft charge. I suspect that a condition of his bail required that he stay out of trouble. The county prosecutors found out that he's been in trouble again (and again), and told the judge, who revoked his bail, and required him to post another $10,000. He was arrested when he appeared in court regarding the no contact order with my daughter. We all got to see him arrested, and he had to attend the hearing in handcuffs.

To bring you all up to speed, he's now been brought up on four sets of charges in the last three months... three assaults and a felony theft. This guy is rapidly losing any semblance of self control. I fully expect that he'll be in jail for AT LEAST some of this. This may sound a bit odd, but I'm kind of torn. As a Christian, I want to forgive him. I want to help him. But I'm realistic enough to know that I can't help him because he doesn't want to help himself; besides the part of me wanting to forgive him is a tiny minority. The overwhelming majority of me is taking sadistic delight in watching him self-destruct, waiting to see how the courts treat him, knowing that whatever he gets, it will be less than I believe he deserves... secretly wishing that I lived in a slightly less enlightened day, where I could have rounded up a posse and given him a bit of frontier justice.