Sunday, June 18, 2017

My Take on Father's Day

I jumped on Facebook this morning and saw a post from not one, but two of my male friends which essentially said Women, quit trying to steal our day... this isn't Mother's Day, it's Father's Day.  In one case, a female friend responded by saying If a mom is pulling double duty (by playing mother and father) then she should get both holidays.  I've got two thoughts on this, and basically I'm going to piss off everyone.  If you're easily offended, you may as well quit reading now.  Otherwise, read on...

To you single moms who want to claim Father's Day:  Nope.  Today is designed for dads.  You didn't have what you consider proper support (whether it's financial, physical, emotional or whatever) in raising your kid?  Bummer.  I'm proud of you for stepping up, but it's a little self-centered and conceited to expect that you deserve an extra day of credit.  Parenting isn't about credit.  It's about doing what's right for your kid(s).

To you dads who are pissed off that single moms want to horn in on Father's Day:  Man up and grow a pair!  It's a freaking Hallmark holiday.  The true measure of fatherhood is not how well your kids treat you once or twice a year.  Fatherhood is measured in the character of your children, and the effort that you personally contributed toward that outcome.

To both sides:  This is a First World problem.  We have mothers and fathers who can't feed their kids... who lost babies to preventable childhood illnesses... who saw their children maimed or killed by despots and terrorists.  Keep your shit in perspective, and quit getting your respective panties in a bunch over a fucking made up holiday!

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